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Soap Dish Holder

Soap Dish Holder

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Ensure your Bottle-Free Beauty faves stay clean & organized in the shower with this must-have soap dish. It features a chic, self-draining design to keep your bars dry & fresh so you can enjoy them longer.

Holds up to 3 bars. Self Draining Soap Dish Holder

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Stay Fresh & Fabulous

Keep your beauty bars in top-notch condition with our chic, self-draining design. It's all about making those bars last longer and perform better.

Chic & Functional

Our soap dish isn't just pretty, it's practical. Holding up to three bars, it's the perfect fit for all your Kitsch favorites.

Longer Lasting & Clean

Say goodbye to gooey bars! Our smart drainage system keeps everything dry and neat, so your shower space stays as gorgeous as you.

Eco-Friendly & Practical

Made from 100% recycled plastic, this dish isn't just good for your bars, it's good for the planet too. 

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