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Shower Steamer Bubble Basket

Shower Steamer Bubble Basket

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Shower Steamer Bubble Basket

We will have a new design for baskets!

You can put your soap, shampoo bar and a shower steamer. Not all once though 😉

I will have a few options of colours and designs.

Such as the star baskets, wands and these new ones 🥰

These Steamer Baskets are 3D printed from PLA, which is not plastic, but a thermoplastic polyester made from fermented plant starch using renewable resources. PLA is biodegradable & environmentally friendly. Read more about PLA here!

These steamer baskets will not deal well with direct heat. Avoid putting in direct spray if water is over 110°F. Do not wash in a dishwasher. Use cool to lukewarm water to clean your baskets and dry immediately. Avoid soaking in water for best longevity of your basket. Use a small brush to help clean nooks and crevices.

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