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Whipped Buttercream Bubble Bath

Whipped Buttercream Bubble Bath

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It’s a super moisturizing, soft, creamy Bubble Bath in a Jar. No matter what form of bubble bath, the desired end-game is the same... a tub full of luxurious, scented bubbles which is precisely what you get here. But why not go for a total sensory experience? With Butter Cream Bubble Bath, you get a smorgasbord of experiences, from the moment of picking up the pretty jar, opening it, looking, smelling and touching the beautiful contents to scooping it out and rubbing a creamy dollop between your hands under running water…and then of course, sliding into a tub full of lovely, skin softening bubbles. If heaven could be put into a jar, it would look something like this!


SODIUM COCO SULFATE: (optional) ***To be used along with SLSa for the extra bubbly version.


VEGETABLE GLYCERIN: – Adds intense moisturization

PEG-40 HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL: – Not to be confused with regular Castor oil or Hydrogenated Castor Oil. The Peg-40 part is important. 😊 Lends a really beautiful emollience but may be changed to Glycerin or Honey.

DISTILLED OR DE-IONIZED WATER: – Do not use mineral, spring or tap water.

STEARIC ACID: – Used as a thickener and stabilizer. May be replaced with Cetyl Alcohol.

CREAM OF TARTAR aka Potassium Bitartrate: (Do not use Tartaric Acid – Check the INCI) Provides Product and Bubble stability

LIQUID GERMALL PLUS: Preservative. If you’re using Peg 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, do not use any preservative which contains Phenoxyethanol. Check the INCI carefully.

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